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Guest Speakers

Our focus is on Exceptional New Zealanders doing exceptional things

Chris Farrelly

Main Meeting: 7  August 2018

Guest Speaker:  Chris Farrelly 
The Auckland City Mission 

Chris Farrelly has been the CEO/City Missioner at the Auckland City Mission since June 1st, 2016. Chris has responsibility for managing the Mission’s extensive range of health and social services, which work to improve outcomes for Aucklanders living in desperate need. Advocating for the rights of clients and for social change is also an important part of his role.

Chris has a long history in health management, and prior to coming to the Auckland City Mission Chris had been CEO of Manaia Health PHO, in Northland for 13 years. Chris also spent 10 years working with a community development programme in a South Korean Slum.

Chris has a Master of Theology degree from Berkley, USA and a Graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution from Massey University. 


Overview of our Monthly Meetings

The two hour meeting is held on the first Tuesday morning of each month in Browns Bay. An invited speaker, expert in the field, informs, educates and entertains us. Our focus is Exceptional New Zealanders doing Exceptional Things in New Zealand. A wide range of current topics is covered and we are sometimes privy to information not yet released by the researchers to the public.

The second part of the meeting is provided by our U3A Special Interest Groups whose presentations have been identified as being of interest for the whole membership. A tea break provides the opportunity for members to mix and chat. Attendance at the main monthly meetings is optional. Members are required to attend one or more Special Interest Groups as this is where the active learning focus of the U3A philosophy occurs and long last friendships are made.

Previous Speakers

July 2018 Professsor Paul Spoonley  The “New” New Zealand: A Super Diverse Auckland 

June 2018 Derek Firth  "The Dilworth Legacy" 

1 May 2018 Michael Wynd "Torpedo Bay – the Navy Museum

4 April 2018 Allie Downing "Hibiscus Hospice"

6 March 2018 Ros Giffney "An Orchestra for Social Change" 

6 Feb 2018 Special Interest Groups "Celebrating NZders"

Selwyn Howeth

 4th September 2018  Main Speaker:    Selwyn Haworth JP 

TITLE: The Unknown Judiciary
Selwyn Haworth was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 2002 and qualified as
a Judicial Justice in 2008. He was appointed a Visiting Justice in 2015.
He not only sits in the District Courts but he also presides over prison hearings.
He will illuminate these roles and share some experiences.
Selwyn enjoyed a 42 year career in Public Trust during which he was a District
Public Trustee in a number of centres including Nelson and Takapuna. He
retired as National Manager of Public Trust’s Charitable Trust unit in 2008, a
unit that then held the nation’s largest portfolio of charitable organisations.
He is the Immediate Past President of the Auckland Justices of the Peace
Association and was the Convenor of the Royal Federation Conference hosted
by the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association in 2015.
Married to Adrienne, they have 3 children and recently celebrated the birth of
their fourth grandchild. Selwyn is actively involved in two charitable
organisations, a Body Corporate committee and when time allows, he enjoys
fishing, scuba diving, golf and “working” on their farmlet at Mangawhai.